Electrician - Toowoomba


East Toowoomba, QLD

Posted 9/17/2020

Position offered under the GrainCorp Country Ltd - Queensland Country Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2017.

We're seeking an experienced industrial electrician to join the team, based from our Toowoomba workshop. You'll undertake electrical preventative maintenance, repairs, validation, installation, testing, tagging and breakdown management for three-phase motors. You’ll also undertake PLC troubleshooting and hazardous area electrical work. The role involves travel across our sites in the Western and Darling Downs (pool vehicle provided). About 30% of your work will include overnight stays away from home.

An ability to work collaboratively and productively in a cross-trade team of electrical and mechanical trades will be critical to your success. You will actively participate in and promote site safety whilst ensuring adherence to all Australian electrical regulatory and safety requirements.

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